Previous Laureates

Alexander Varshavsky

The Otto Warburg Medal 2012

"for his decisive contribution to discovering the importance of the ubiquitin-dependent intracellular protein degradation"

Peter Walter

The Otto Warburg Medal 2011

"for his groundbreaking research on protein folding and transport, the regulation of cell organelles, and the fusion of cell membranes"

Ari Helenius

The Otto Warburg Medal 2010

"for his pioneering work on viral infections and the cell biology of protein folding"

Franz-Ulrich Hartl

The Otto Warburg Medal 2009

"for his research in cellular protein folding"

Susan Lindquist

The Otto Warburg Medal 2008

"for her contributions towards understanding the mechanisms of protein misfolding underlying Alzheimer and BSE"

Robert Weinberg

The Otto Warburg Medal 2007

"for his achievements in cancer biology"



Nobel Laureates

Warburg Award Winners having received the Nobel Prize:

Hans Adolf Krebs (1953)
Max Perutz (1962)
Feodor Lynen (1964)
Robert Huber (1988)
Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard (1995)
Günter Blobel (1999)
Kurt Wüthrich (2002)
Randy Schekman (2013)
James Rothman (2013)
Emmanuelle Charpentier (2020)

While in the case of Krebs and Perutz the jurors applied a different procedure, the rule to-day is: Anyone who has already received the Nobel Prize will not be nominated for the Warburg Medal.