Otto Warburg Medal 2018 (Kopie)

Curriculum Vitae of Peter Hegemann

Date of birth
December 11, 1954, Münster, Germany

1975 – 1980
Studies in Chemistry in University of Münster and LMU Munich

1980 – 1984
PhD with D. Oesterhelt at Max-Planck Institut for Biochemistry, Martinsried, “Purification and Characterisation of the functional Cl– Pumps: Halorhodopsin",  “Summa cum laude”
1985 – 1986
Post-Doc with K.W.Foster, Physics Department Syracuse University, NY, USA
1986 – 1992
Work group „Photoreceptors of Microalgae“ at MPI for Biochemistry, Martinsried
Habilitation, Ludwig-Maximilian-University München
1993 – 2004
Professor for Biochemistry, Universität Regensburg
2000 - 2003
Speaker, Interdisciplinary Graduate School: "Sensory photoreceptors in natural and artificial systems“: GK 640
2004 -2010
Speaker, DFG Research Group FOR526 "Sensory Blue Light Receptors”
2005 – present
Professor, Experimental Biophysics, Humboldt University, Berlin
2009 – 2012
Member, DFG-Senate Commission for SFB (Special Research Areas) Grants
2010 - present
Speaker, DFG-Research Group FOR1279 “Protein-based Photoswitches”
2012 - present
Visiting scientist at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm, Ashburn,VA, USA
2015 - present
Hertie Professor for Neurosciences
Main areas of research:
Photobiology of green algae, unusual rhodopsins, flavin-based photoreceptors, and nuclear gene targeting in algae, optogenetics.


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