Otto Warburg Medal 2020

Otto Warburg Medal 2020 for Patrick Cramer

"With his discoveries, Prof. Cramer was not only able to visualize central steps of transcription in molecular detail, but also revolutionized the entire research field of transcription and gene regulation and contributed significantly to our understanding of nuclear processes," says Prof. Dr. Blanche Schwappach-Pignataro, President of the GBM. "We are very pleased to award Prof. Cramer, such an outstanding scientist, with the Otto Warburg Medal 2020."

As a chemist and molecular biologist, Patrick Cramer researches transcription and gene regulation at the molecular and cellular level. He and his team were able to decode the three-dimensional structure of one of the largest enzymes in the cell nucleus, which enabled them to elucidate and visualize essential parts of the transcription mechanism. His work contributes to better research into diseases such as cancer, in which the transcription of genetic material is misregulated. In the future, he would like to find out how genes are switched on and off at the molecular level and how the activity of thousands of genes in the genome is controlled at the cellular level.

Patrick Cramer

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