The Otto Warburg Medal is awarded to scientists who have made first-class, internationally recognized contributions in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. The focus is on outstanding personalities who enjoy an excellent reputation extending far beyond their specialist field and beyond their particular country of origin.

The Otto Warburg Medal has been awarded regularly since 1973 by a panel of experts from the ranks of the GBM.

Every GBM member is entitled to propose a nominee to the Executive Board of the GBM. The Executive Board of the society deliberates in a closed meeting on the candidates nominated for the prize.

The nomination can be sent informally to the GBM office ( It should contain a letter of recommendation of approx. two pages, a cv and a list of publications of the nominee.

The annual award ceremony is held in public, alternating between the Fall Conference of the GBM and the Mosbach Colloquium in Spring.

Next award ceremony

Friday, September 16, 2022

as a part of the GBM Fall Meeting 2022 - Molecular Basis of Life